1. Man this was a very rewarding and emotional roller coaster low key. I'm glad to be sharing this intimate moment with ya'll. It's crazy all of the stuff my ancestors went through. I'm thankful for everyone who paid the ultimate price for me to be here today and have some of the luxuries that I do. WOW. The next step is for me to reconnect with my people.

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  2. You could still have Igbo ancestry because African Ancestry only reveals your maternal/paternal lineage from 500-2000 years ago. The Haitians are an amalgam of different African ethnic groups, so it's possible. I was surprised that your father's lineage came back as African and not European. You probably have a high percentage of African ancestry and an African maternal and paternal haplogroup which is rare due to slavery. I will definitely take this test one day!

  3. You still could be Ibo from your other grandmothers & grandfathers of your indirect bloodlines. For instance, your fathers mother. I have always been drawn to Haiti. I rep the Haitian flag. This is giving me chills.

  4. I am Tikar in the USA. I had African ancestry do my mothers bloodline. My sons friend is Haitian & his mother’s bloodline is also Tikar. I believe I have Haitian roots.💯❤️🙏🏾🇺🇸

  5. This is amazing! Appreciate you for sharing this journey with us brother. The best way to know thy self is to find out what makes you who you are and that begins with our ancestors(in my opinion). I’ve been looking into doing a DNA ancestry test and this video was the affirmation I needed to pull the trigger. 👏🏼

    Peace, blessings and continued enlightenment family 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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