1. Could you alternatively add colloidal silver? That’s what we used back in the day to clean water we were uncertain of I have city water so don’t need either one but if I did find a problem would it help perhaps and be even better for the flowers? Easy to make colloidal silver at home any time.

  2. What I do at this stage, is, not exhausting my tent, to get nice warm and humid conditions. For the first couple weeks I also don't use my main light but little 13w led bulbs. I don't think you need more than 30watts for 5 little plants until week 3 or so. But then I probably pay at least twise of what's the average American or Canadian prize for a kW/h

  3. Great video, I am going to start my first grow in a couple weeks using these lights, perfect timing to follow and learn from what you have going on, So,you set lights at 24" what power setting are you at? 100%?

  4. I know this isnt your issue.. But when I leave the hum dome on top of seedlings after they sprout and open up, the leaves tenf to curl downward.. Idk wtf.. But its no issue for me to just take it off after they have popped and opened up.. But I'm guessing its the waaay too high humidity.. But yours look great. The leaf curling thing you were talking about could just be the way those specific leaves are on that particular plant.. You seem to have a great wet/dry cycle so I doubt its overwatering.. But thats just my 2 pesos on it.. Thanks for sharing the content growmie! New subber here! Whoop whoop!

  5. I'm.1st time grower I've gor the spider farmer sf2000 grow kit 2 fans inline fan and 240mm intake fan humidifier rh 60/70 temp 20c lost 3 unknown but iv a haze,gorilla,northern 3gal.pots lights x 2 in solo cup doing ok I woke up to webbing in the coco as I'd shut the bottom fan off as im waiting in heater delivery my huckleberry is struggling with light burn but my haze is powering tru if I could dm you with pics on Instagram or snap would be amazing to get your advice and help keep up the good work

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