1. Just want to let you know… I've probably watched 1-2 videos per day for the last two weeks straight. Your videos are EXACTLY what I've been looking for – educational (backed by science and not trends), honest, and non-judgmental. I've been eating the garlic chicken rice bowl for the last week and I love it. I'm seriously addicted to your channel – thanks so much for creating really high quality, informative content!

  2. So I️ JUST made the taco one pot and holy. Cow. Was it delicious. I’m actually eating it fresh as I️ type, and I️ had to come comment because that how good it is. I️ subbed brown rice for quinoa and while it defiantly took a long time to make, the end restaurant was amazing. I️ ended up throwing some salsa and a 1/2 tablespoon of sour cream into mine and it. was. devine. Thank you for sharing this recopie.

  3. Made the Pizza one pot tonight. Was not sure of the caned tomato size so I used a large can. It tastes like lasagna. It was really yummy! I put it in the oven that was warmed up at 170'F. I shut the oven off and a few hours later served it for dinner. Sitting in a warm oven made it even creamier. Cheese was like a baked layer all over the top. Thank you for a great Recipe. Now a favorite for my family. Serve with garlic bread.

  4. The veggie pasta dish was out of this world!! I hadn't read the entire recipe and didn't realize it served 12. Glad I didn't know that in advance because I was able to freeze some for a later meal. I can't get enough of it! Thanks so much for sharing all these great recipes Alyssia!

  5. Love your videos, Alyssa! Just thought you should know though, in your veggie spaghetti recipe, you've labeled the zucchini "cucumbers". I thought to myself, wow, cucumber in a hot pasta dish? Only Alyssa could make that work! Although zucchini makes more sense! 😉

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