1. I had a crack at this earlier this year and, much to my surprise due to the vague "dosing" information I could find, it worked.

    For what it's worth based on my single, scientifically suspect attempt with multiple plants of one strain (caramel ice)… Silver nitrate and silver thiosulphate are equally effective, colloidal silver works adequately and giberelic acid failed abysmally. The gib treated plant did produce male flowers but it had grown so tall and spindly that it couldn't support the weight of its own leaves so I binned it.

    One bit of advice I would pass on is that if you are in Europe the chances of any colloidal silver you buy actually having silver it seems to be low to none. It can't be sold for "health" purposes and as it doesn't really have any other use (not that it has any health use) anybody selling it is likely to be dodgy. I tried and tested four different "brands" and none of them had any silver in them at all. Three were just plain water and I don't know what the other one was but I suspect water and yellow food colouring. I made my own in the end.

    My ill informed, ad-hoc advice would be to use silver nitrate. It's relatively easy to find in small quantities, not ruinously expensive and a few grammes will last you a lifetime.

  2. Holy shit. This blew my mind. Are there any traits that are especially prominent in male plants? If so then this could be a way to bring out particular traits that are wanted. I am really curious of the possibilities, or maybe im just trippin and it means nothing. hahaha

  3. Male plants are so ugly. I sprouted 4 regular seeds. All of them came out so beautiful. Only one had severe problems in veg and almost died. After force flowering them, turns out all the healthy ones were male and the only one that had a tough time was female so I was left to try and salvage her. She's doing really well now, finishing up week 4 of flower, packing on weight and her buds are surprisingly dense for the shitty Great Value lights im running

  4. i just got 5 male seeds from NorStar Genetics "Royal Purple" ( Purple Urkle x Purple Mayhem) for pollen. i've been collecting lot of seeds, growing steady & never had a full male. i've had seeds hermy, a 10, 12, 15 pack of reg seeds no males so i had to hunt for pollen luckily found exactly what i wanted strain wise

  5. Great video. I was looking at the collodial silver from the big box stores and they have different PPM. Anywhere from 10 to 50 PPM. Is there a PPM that would be better for trying to make feminized seeds? Do you dilute the colloidal silver?

  6. I separated my male plant from the others, and left him to grow, but as for heat stress the plant is basically the same (it seemed the male plant handles the heat for about 3 days much better than females.

    its not growing much and so far , just pollen sacks bursting open, but nothing more..
    I will definitely try the colodial silverr mix and get back to you ..

    again love your content and thank you for making my life much interesting

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