1. You're father said for constipation: "Just mix it with ……." ? Please tell me what he said. I could not understand what he mixes it with. I listened several times and couldn't make it out. Thank you…

  2. My pain clinic closed, so I've got my last month prescription of methadone 30mg. daily, and I was an addict most of my life. Instead of looking for another expensive pain clinic, I got some kratom last week, and have been using it since then. I'm astounded at how well kratom works, both for killing pain and keeping withdrawal symptoms away. I've got the methadone if I need it, but I've been using kratom for almost a week now. My dose has been about 7 grams 3x daily, although I take considerably more at bedtime. It really works, and I only wish that I'd given kratom a fair chance years ago. Even if I have to take kratom the rest of my life, it's better than being on other opioids that require a prescription, and probably healthier too. As for CBD, it works much better if you use the whole cannabis extract from a high CBD:THC ratio plant. Pure CBD and pure THC (Marinol) doesn't work as well, because the of entourage affect of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids working synergistically together. Oregon is a legal state, but if you live in a state where cannabis is still criminalized, pure CBD may be your only choice.

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