1. Hi from, Mike. Thank you for your post on the converting the pressure tank to a casting pot –
    I was wondering what your thoughts are about doing the same thing – But adding some extra valves –
    And fittings – To make it into a – Vacuum as well – So one could Vacuum first – Then switch to Pressure to finish – Isolating each gauge with a ball valve – And maybe the Safety valve as well ?? –
    Vacuum for 2 Min. – Then switch to Presser – Then let the casting sit over night –
    What do you think – Thank You – Mike.

  2. You could have used the regulator to keep the pressure at 40 psi. That is what a regulator does, it maintains pressure down stream. Leave the air compressor connected so that it can make up air as needed.

  3. You're using the locking pliers and adjustable open end wrench incorrectly. The need to be flipped over to safely operate them. This is especially true if you need to apply a large amount of force.

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