1. For the records bro’s this is not water soluble. For water soluble you need a surfactant (hydrophobic and hydrophilic), stabilizer and a machine to emulsify and mix everything until they are very very small pieces, then they come together and stabilize. If you ingest anything as an edible it has to go through your stomach and liver and that takes at least an hour plus you lose 50% potency. Water soluble will dissolve In your mouth and you’ll feel it in 5 mins, it’ll wear off in 45. Anything else is not water soluble.

  2. How were the end results? What did you do in terms of dosing? Can you use the same recipe if you were to use 1 g of distillate or RSO? I want to do something like this with distillate, but always worry that the end result will be too strong/weak. Thanks for the content!

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