1. Corporate greedism has taken over CBD. Grow your own!!! Raised beds or 50 gallon cloth pots. This past harvest I grew one particular CBD plant in a raised bed. 27.5 ounces off one plant. Sun powered!!! No electricity bill haha 27.5 ounces turned into 108 grams of CBD oil. Pressed rosin. Retail price for the CBD. Full spectrum CBD is around 100 a gram. One plant. Find local growers. Like this guy. Corporate greedism is not only ripping us off they are giving us poisoned CBD. Pesticides etc. If your CBD doesn't have sunflower lecithin in it … Add it into the CBD your taking.

  2. That's legit!!! Good looking body cream!!! Research tapioca starch. It makes your lotions creams etc less greasy. Sunflower lecithin is critical in your edibles and lotions. Even if you are using nano particle CBD.

  3. Beef tallow!!! Are you decarbing the CBD? I'm using a gram/1000 mgs per 2 ounces. It's insane. I have sciatic pain and as soon as I'm done rubbing it in the pain is completely gone!!! Whip it good!! How many mgs of CBD are you using in your infused oil?

  4. Thank you so much for this great video! Can u please inform me how can we conserve a cbd cream body ? Did u add vitamine E or its not necessary if we use shea butter with cbd oil ? Thank u ❤

  5. New subscriber!! Question, in the lotion recipe you used the Kiev and the body butter you used the infused CO does it matter which one you use for either one? I am new to the CBD portion but have been making soap, lotions, bath bombs…for years and have wanted to branch into this not just for customers but also for my chronic pain. Also if you wanted to cut down on the greasy feel of the body butter, you can add cornstarch, arrowroot powder or tapioca starch. That works really well for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have you only tried this with the solidified coconut oil? Do you think a few oz of the fractioned mct tincture could be substituted? Maybe it'd be too runny/loose?

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