1. So how do you enter when it is time. My mother watches your videos and wants me enter her when you have one again. Could you possibly touch on this in a video when the time comes for her. Thanks for replying to my comments.

  2. This was such a fun video to watch! Loved all the variety and you and I have such similar taste ❀ Also, if you haven't tried them yet, e-clothes work great on stainless steel. Literally just water and an e-cloth rag. I got this tip from Amanda from This Crazy Life.

    -Mandy from MT

  3. Hi I just subscribed to your channel…I want to give my condulences to you and your family! Prayers going your way! And you know that saying when they say you have a twin out there…well you do I've been watching a youtuber and omg you guys look identical and speak the same…!! I also have a channel… I'm a recent toutuber…I do all kinds of hauls! If you would like to support me I'll link my channel on the comment section….God Bless you and your family! Please be safe!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. I love bath and body works but there prices are insane so I can only imagine you paid a pretty penny for all of that. I only go in once or twice a year. And I am sorry for your guys loss. It is never easy to lose someone especially during everything else that is going on in this world. Praying for you and your family and hope things get better.

  5. Love your videos… I watch as often as I can… I saw your insert where you said "ray-unch". That's how we say it here in NC too. It's when you say "dole-nuts" instead of donuts that makes me giggle. I know some ppl that do that too. I have enjoyed your recipes also, but I was a little grossed out that your cat was on the kitchen countertops. Love the PW toaster though 😊

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