1. Hey guys! Again thank you for helping the channel get to 40,000 subs! You guys offer so much support and feedback. Truly humbling to be creating these videos for such an awesome community. I linked the resources I use to help me identify specific issues in the description! Cheers! -Jacob

  2. I dont understand how you get your plants to look like that.. Where are your side branches and big fan leaves? I thought you werent supposed to rip them off.. Or when should i start ripping the side branches off? Wouldnt i be losing yield by pulling off my side branches? I thought the fan leaves stored all your nutrients and water and stuff..?

  3. My plant has been growing well recently how ever a week or so ago the leafs starts getting brown tips and yellow leafes, i dont feed my plants anything but water once everyday, i dont have them anywhere special just outside in a pot with soil under the shade. Would anyone mind telling me how to stop the yellow leafs and brown tip? Or give me advice on what items to buy such as what to give to my plant and a ph tester i never tested my water i just put tap or bottled water. Please help, my plant has started flowing and i dont want it to get ruined:(

  4. Help me!! Please! Ive got one sick plant and i dont know what it needs. The inner vein of the leaves is yellow only. It looks like a crusty substance is sitting on top of it but it isnt. Now the leaves coming in above it are deformed and look melted. The overall color is vivid green but not shiny. From far away it looks pretty. Its a bruce banner3

  5. Came here for tutorial, stayed for content and cinematography. You channel is really better and everything is explained in very simple way, easy to understand. Simply amazing!

  6. hey guys really new to the indoor grow scene and would like some videos or literature on growing and things of that nature. realy enjoy your videos and your in depth look at things.

  7. Very helpful dude… Thank you.. Awsome light.. Doing my first grow indoors. So it's definitely a learning curve. I think I had toped to early when in veg don't seem to get alot of stech but I'm only in the 1st week of flower

  8. Cool bruh, its March 2020 a few months past a year after this video was made.

    …can you share with us your secret Millennial computer nerd tricks that helped you jump from 40k subs to 250k subs in just one year growing pot???

    Thanks in advance 🤙🌷

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