1. Hey guys try this! Make a batch of rice in your instant pot. Then after it's done add 5 cups water to pot with cooked rice. Then add one cup cracked malt and select the keep warm function or set manually to 150 and leave overnight! Strain mixture and reduce that wort into a syrup. This is golden rice syrup and is traditionally used to make peking duck. But you can use this to make a rice cream ale as well.

  2. Kinda surprised you're using only 1lb rice in a 10gal batch. I'm making my first 3gal Cream Ale all-grain today and it's 5lb Two-row and 1lb Corn.
    Could rice be used in a similar way for a Cream Ale? If so, I'll just get a bag of Two-row, some hops and a grain mill.
    I think (like Steve) that a lot of beer brewing has become waaaayy to complicated with 12 types of grain and 64 types of hops. Simpler is better. Thanks for the great education!!

  3. Recirculating ice water is a great way to hit your pitching temp. I had a heck of a time chilling my wort with my tap water in the summer which can reach 80 degrees. I had an old aquarium pump that I used to submerge in my HLT that I filled with water and a bag of ice…quickly got me down in the mid 60s!

  4. Lately I've been turning to Kolosh style for the warm weather. I had one with honey in it and it was possibly one of the best ones I had so far. Another great beer I had by Brewers best was there Orangesicle Cream ale at 3.8%. It is of my favorite home brews now and I'm really thinking of making another 5 gallon batch. Give it a try. 2 weeks primary. 5 days secondary. 1 ounce of flavor orange extract on day 1and another ounce on bottling day. Light orangy and a sweet finish from the orange peels.

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