1. Alright, looking for an honest opinion. I want to set up a 4×4 tent and grow 4 plants maximum. I'm thinking of getting either a Viparspectra 600w and adding a second in the future. I don't need HUGE yields but i'd like to make edibles etc. But mostly want quality smoking buds growing. Curious on your opinions on lights and what can realistically be expected with something like a viparspectra 600w. There's also these X5 1500W lights on amazon that are cheap, 300w draw power. But not many reviews not a lot of videos on any of this. How many oz's were you getting off your viparspectra roughly?

  2. new sub here, I'm in ma as well bro! I'm gonna be doing tutorials too! as you saw on my page, I'm making full use of our new laws too! lol! I'll keep on watching your videos, keep checking back on my page too! more normal we make it, the more normal it will become!

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