1. I need them to get there shit together I'm moving there T-10 days. What the hell didn't they got rid of the 90 days wait? I'll be livid, I could be dead by the time I'm able to fill my script PILLS DONT WORK but they just want to add antidepressants and muscle relaxers. HAHAHAH 200-300MG IS STRONG? I hope he meant personally for himself because I could use that in 1 day with CRPS it's a top contender ''Suicide Disease'' I will leave my family and move to a recreational state if that's what it takes

  2. So Florida can't do what we here in Oregon have done with the Legalization of cannabis.? Florida can't do what Colorado, Washington, California Connecticut, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Alaska, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont hell even New York has a medical program actually running.. It's not full spectrum dispensary sales meaning you can't buy flower or edibles but hell they got something. So Florida lawmakers can't get it together? It's not hard! Look where cannabis has been legal and has a full spectrum cannabis sells. Has all hell broken loose has the sky fallen have all the children start running amok cause their high? No! So the dog and pony show in Florida needs to stop Florida citizens have voted already for a comprehensive working running marijuana program and have gotten jack. It took Nevada less than five months to put together a recreational program and still maintain a medical program. You mean to tell me Florida can't come up with something lol omg.!

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