1. Hey nice little plant I just did death bubba vape pen and trailer park buds strain reviews and I did my 420 sub special I smoke a 4.20 g blunt and I got tons of shatters strains hashes and moonrocks u may like

  2. Man that plant is a migit, I am having the same problem with my auto flowers. I'm in week 6 a little bigger than yours, I put a 400 watt led over it and moved them into a warmer room, and they're taking off. I use rabbit poop and coffee grinds in a bucket with ph water, I just stir it and add more bunny poop every so many weeks… super poop tea.

  3. I use the same light! You should give her at least one more month of veg. Otherwise they stay really short under this light. I dunno why, but in general, all strains are stretching a lot less under LED

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