1. Breeder Steve did breed a true IBL in Sweet Tooth #3 (i think i got the # right) which was only the 2nd homozygous IBL cannabis cultivar after Skunk#1. James is correct. Most peoples claim of creating IBL's is just that. Claims without actually having created a true IBL.

  2. I like how Mr. Loud is very in tune with the conversation. The flow of the questions and appropriate responses is smooth. Sometimes I feel like the Cannabis community shoots itself in the foot. You guys (and myself) are very intelegant individuals. We need to make sure these seminars reflect that. An example is, making sure the guest answers the specific question of the host. I love your guy's show, don't take that the wrong way. Thank you for your efforts!

  3. Hey nice video I just did death bubba vape pen and trailer park buds strain reviews and I did my 420 sub special I smoke a 4.20 g blunt and I got tons of shatters strains hashes and moonrocks u may like

  4. I've had seeds bust out of buds still on the plant and start growing there taproot into the bud, and the plants not even finished growing and ripening all seeds. I don't think the cure or the freeze is necessary, they're ready as soon as they fully form on the plant and can be grown if exposed to heat and moisture. I do agree however for storage they need to be dried properly

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