1. Medicalizing mirajuana gets product to I M patients, recreational will eventually be accepted in a generation or two at the earliest. I been smoking weed since 1979 here in Hawaii. This upload ended up in my suggestives. Thanks for the update and the subscription. Happy Thanksgiving New Jersey.(I M = illegal marijuana) Diego Maradona, muchas gracias por toda me das. Hasta la vista Maradona🇦🇷

  2. People who use Marijuana already have Mental Health Problems. Legalising saves governments Millions in Mental Health Programs.And Billions in building Mental Hospitals for these addicts

  3. Not all people who smoke weed spend all day playing videos games, I'm a business owner and when I get home instead of opening up a beer or having a glass of wine or whiskey I light up a bowl, my body my choice your body your choice, lol

  4. It makes people lazy and good dumbed dumber to control God for voting frauds for example and manipulation.. Also insurances will have a blast since it's a gateway drug to harder drugs addiction s.. Also more accidents DWI driving while intoxicated,… Also crimes cuz addicts can steal kill rape even for afix,.. anyways Anything in your body as weed is unnatural and your seeing yourself open to be possessed by any spirit of there… It's evil.

  5. So now the far left globalists want a generation of stoned out people so that they can rule thru them? This is what happened to china when the british wanted to colonize china- the opium war!! AMERICANS MUST WAKE UP- FIGHT THE DEMOCRATS AND TAKE OVER THE NEWS NETWORKS TOO…Sue the democratic leaders of your states!!! Save America now!

  6. They can legalize it all they want, the crime will be in thefts, so they can afford the weed. Even legal Medical marijuana dispensaries are expensive. So as soon as all the states can figure it out they will be taxing the hell out of it.
    The past social injustices really are not valid points because no matter how some pot dealer or trafficker, or user ended up in jail, it was still illegal then. That's like going back and giving restitution to all the closet gay people that were kicked out of the military when someone found out. Can't use the new weed rule with any government employee because it's still not federally approved. Any employer can still deny employment as they see fit. No arguement could ever change that.

  7. How can you Legalize Marijuana when Marijuana is Not Illegal? Not one person gets Convicted for "Marijuana" Ever!
    How about "RELEGALIZE Cannabis" would be a better Idea. Atleast take it of the Schedule 1 Federal list for starters.
    Go Ahead and legalize Marijuana then get Convicted for Cannabis🤭 you Dummies🤫.
    Regardless of Human actions Cannabis/Hemp should have the right to exist/live in a so called free land🤔.Making a plant Illegal is Retarded from the beginning but if had to make a plant Illegal why not start with Poison Ivy,etc,duhhh.

  8. Yeah no. With as much as people have been acting like trailer trash overindulgent degenerates in recent times especially the last year, they don't need another outlet to mindless fuel their infantility. People are already barely able to function like a normal adult let alone speak coherently anymore.

  9. the same law makers that filled the private for profit prison system with these very same laws are the ones whos nephews sons and silent partners are capitalizing on the new medical dispensary's its called 'vertical integration" translation…closed loop from grower to retail owned by the same millionaires.

  10. He is right here in Maryland when or idiot governor' shut down schools bars restaurants gym's most stores but the weed stores never closed down because they are considered essential along with liquor stores figure that out

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