1. They secured search warrants, after noticing matching packages inside ANOTHER Truck… (HOW DID THEY SEE THAT BEFORE THEY SEARCHED OR GOT A WARRANT? MAGIC SEE-THRU VISION????)

  2. ok mathematicians here we go. this is the real break down as of febuary 2020. 6 bucks a gram average price at north american despinsaries, thats 342,000 dollars retail 165 000 whole sale from various medicinal/recreational suppliers. the math is there the numbers never lie

  3. You could get 500 pounds of weed if you paid up front for 2 hundred thousand dollars at most. Where are they getting 12 million from?? They have no idea what they are talking about. WTF!

  4. Don't worry, it will hit the streets. Only a few states will tell you when they destroy drugs. The others take some for themselves and sell. I have seen it done before many times. That was a lot of weed!!

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