1. Some people would steal with money in their pocket,their just a low class breed of people.When word gets around about them the lose the most important thing a person can have,a good name.

  2. Sorry about you herbs getting snatched,I hate a fuckn theaf,there a hotter place in hell for those that would take what another has,if used for pain thats even worse.

  3. If there droopy and a lil crispy, it may be from overwatering. If there turning yellow and orange and brown and falling off, its most likely cuz ur over fertilizing them.

  4. i need to know how to grow weed right. i have a plant like 5 inches tall off of 225 blue and red LED square i bought of ebay. been like 7 days now. just been watering. was told to water for 2 weeks. then start using nutrients. but i have no clue what nutrients. help? i want it to just b smokable and stuff. not high high end stuff. please help.

  5. very nice i have one question is it because of underwatering when some of the leaves completely dry up and fall off during flowering cause i just watered and i dont want anymore leaves dieing if u can answer this question id greatly apreciate it

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