1. When I first watched this video it was back in 2016. Right when I first started smoking weed. The good ole high school days 😂 I watched this video because I wanted to know what a ounce would look like. The first ounce I bought was $300! Obviously I was dumb and didn’t know what weed was worth back then.

  2. If y’all wanna make money fast…
    Works on experienced stoners….

    1.Grab yourself a wizzer/Grinder

    2. Get your self some pre dried grinded parsley

    3.wiz everything toegether 50/50

    4. Now you have more weed and money 🙂

    And trust me people love it when you sell keef not just the buds itself

  3. You taking to kids who weren’t even smoking back when ppl did the 2for30 or 45-50 dollar eights ppl think I’m lying when I say when I started smoking a Oz was like 300 that was normal too like 10 years ago

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