1. Haha
    Great intro John.
    Certainly an interesting market, but as you can see from the different charts, it will be very hard to identify a company that will have a sustainable business model. Further more it is to dependent on regulations.
    Great video though. 👍🏻

  2. Owned can for over a year small speculative amount about $1k from memory.. lost money so far (still holding) cant remember exactly but down 50%+ no significant revenue generated… Tread cautiously and position size appropriately !!

  3. The Cannabis topic seems to come in waves every few months. I'm a bit 50/50 on this topic and would rather watch how it turns out. It's definitely a long term investment that could go incredibly well…..or not. For now, more research is definitely needed and that takes time.

    Thanks for an insightful video.

  4. Just looking at Botanix is spiked to $950+ in 2000's then died off. Some Crazy stuff. I am certain that there will be a company possible BetaShares that will create a ETF just for this haha.

    Great video John.

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