1. he's on the nose again
    embarrassing when you can no longer speak and then film yourself for the public. he is the moderator's uncle and like Sex Drugs and rock 'n' roll. both are out of control

  2. I won't even comment on the girl's OPINIONS on the legalization. Hey lady, should we start putting all alcohol drinkers in prison with the pot smokers? Smoking pot is a NON VIOLENT CHOICE. Give me a break. And maybe you SHOULD care a little more about being so "abrasive" on your public speaking here. I mean, even the doc was hinting that you might want to work on that. Yeah, meditate. SOMETHING. Okay I guess I DID comment. Because it was pretty disturbing actually.

  3. Well DOC, you studied pot SMOKERS. And yeah when you smoke it you are essentially burning up all the "medicine" and getting almost pure THC, also in a burned form. I want to see your studies of people taking it as a tea, or a tincture with unheated buds, or other edibles not burned, in moderate doses. How dare you say it's all bad when you only studied people who were taking a BURNED medicine. Of course it's going to be BAD. Same idea if you take BURNED Omega 3 oils, it's probably going to ALSO do damage. So really Doc, do you have studies on CANNABIS oil with low THC and lots of CBD, taken in moderation? It's not really fair at all to name pot SMOKING as medicinal, nor is it fair to do studies with BURNED oils and then say ALL CANNABIS medicine is not medicine. NOT COOL.

  4. I feel like you should re-think the thought about Marijuana not improving the brain, from my experience it has improved my memory and I think I read that there was a study done in elderly people where it did improve their brain and that they were less likely to get alzheimer's and parkinsons, they did new research also that says just having 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol every day increases your chances of getting cancer, and some people are way more likely to get cancer than others just with drinking alcohol. I was a happy kid until I got on the pill that my mom made me get on because I had a bf, I did not even know what depression was until then, that explains it, this was a very interesting conversation video, I loved it!.

  5. What are you're thoughts regarding THC and edibles or are you bundling them with Marijuana? I am an RN, but don't have a vast knowledge base with regard to "Marijuana?" Thank You. Who knew that bacteria helped make Neurotransmitters!

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