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    Quitting Weed/Marijuana Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms (The Truth Of Addiction) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5ZmlZU_u0ZkfLtu-iJXEI9h1iOrOl0N

    Why I'm QUITTING PORN (Forever) https://youtu.be/2JYWDdENF3I

    Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK) https://youtu.be/VRs_wfsm_yI

  2. I'm going on 12days now, I was a heavy weed smoker daily for 10+years.
    my symptoms are No sleep, headaches, chills, weight loss, shakiness, ect.
    Worst feelings ever, it's caused anxiety and depression as well.
    I'm pushing through and may never smoke weed again.

  3. The first thing I do when i quit is to fast for the first 48 to 72 hrs. Fluids only. NO Caffeine. I do ice water or gatorade. The next BIG one is to SWEAT. First day I try to sweat at least 30 minutes 3x a day. Usually yoga and small weights. Sweat 2x the next day and for the whole week. Get it out of the body. Sweating is like honestly the best relief.

  4. The fucking SWEATING at night, the FUCKING SWEATING! It brings near suicidal thoughts to be rid of your sweat drenched on fire but freezing body for good. mornings bring hangover like headaches, exhausted but can’t sleep combined with Rls, can’t remember what you did 10 seconds ago… Mary J is like a psychotic girlfriend you can’t deny you had fun with but was utterly terrified to break up with. cuz once you do that sweet little green eyed red haired boo of yours turns into a complete batshit crazy bitch making your life an absolute living hell for leaving her by metaphorically stalking you day and night, slashing your tires, chucking bricks through your window, calling the cops on you for abuse the whole fucking 9! All so that you’ll get back with her but I’m never ever going back to you for making me feel this way and spending my money. Your lips will never touch my lips again! Your weed will never contaminate this garden ever again!

  5. Thanks for this. Quitting while my school semester is peaking in difficulty. Feeling very angry at everything, at myself and at others. Feeling stupid, but my hope is that on the other side my brain will function better than it has been. My short term memory loss has been a huge source of embarrassment for me for the past few years, and this year as I begin trying to earn a math degree it has become apparent that I need to quit smoking if I am going to save my memory. My worry is that I will cease to find enjoyment in the beauty of mathematics, but this video gives me hope that those feelings will pass.

  6. I am a medical patient for chronic pain it is much easier to get them pain medication in Florida I had to stop at for a bit to pass a drug test for a new job but I had nothing but body aches chills sweats and everything the whole time thank God I got the job and I can start the medicine back up

  7. If you can't handle pot quote on quote withdrawal you are not mentally strong.

    I have gone cold turkey from a 3 year heroin habit and those were serious withdrawals. Serious is downplaying the whole process of H withdrawal.

  8. I am 28 days sober it’s been a hell of a ride I’ve had anxiety which turned into depression then Insomnia . Bottom line is now I’m doing better not 100% yet but for those who are wondering if there is hope, there is . And it’s an invigorating feeling to naturally be happy and content . Don’t give up on this it’s just a chemical imbalance, one way I describe it is my brain haseto get the juices flowing again . Note that I’ve used High concentrated thc/ thca for 4 years . I am 19 years old and think it’s the best thing that I could have done. Reasoning for why I quit is I went to work one day after smoking and had an anxiety attack and was ridden with anxiety for a week. No more of that it’s just depression here and there . Never quit never give up . God bless hope this helps someone 🙂

  9. It's easy for me bcoz I tell myself it's easy….I quit on Feb 18 and I'm doing fine with mild and almost un noticable symptoms …..always tell yourself the best things…..it will be as easy or as hard as you tell yourself ❤️🤔❤️🤔

  10. I'm going through it really bad weed was the only thing I loved and now I cant smoke in having the hardest time trying to deal with my depression and anxiety I get so angry and feel like I wanna snap and cant. This is the hardest thing I had to do mentally and it wasnt a choice to stop I had no choices 😣 almost everyone I know smokes and they dont understand what I'm going through.

  11. I don’t know about the vivid dreams , had a panic attack yesterday as the 2nd day without weed it’s was crazy, cold sweats wow 😳 never knew , loss of appetite , lil irritated

  12. I’m sweating like crazy and it fucking smells. Like strong BO that I’m not used to. I don’t want to eat, not even my favorite foods. I can only sleep 5 hours.

  13. Back in the day it was no problem. The crazy shit you can go buy now makes it a nasty withdrawl. Not worth it man. Plus you piss dirty forever with the high grade. Makes it tough to get a decent job. Say no to drugs kids.

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