1. Can't wait to grow my own. Won't need you money groping large marijuana dispensary chains. If pablo can sell corn at the corner on his block, why can't anyone sell this. Why limit dispensaries? What a joke

  2. Cha-ching!!

    Now, Arizona governance will ride in with guns drawn, to demand their cut of the profits… as they do with everything that generates cash.

    The bullshit ' war of druglords, ' has now become safe, profitable and popular to capitalize upon.

    All of the lives destroyed through the persecution of a natural plant, gets swept down the ol' Memory Hole, while Ducey and his CIA bosses implement alternative measures to fill their jails and prisons with a new brand of criminal, to keep the Prison Industrial Complex relevant, essential and productive.

    That new criminal, will be those who continue to refuse the lies that mandate the mask and the vaxx.


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