1. Its sad how ppl prescribe marijuana. Lol i been smoking herb since 16 & growing since 21' im 21 atm but to me this plant is as norm as a cup of coffee. Yal anti cannabis peeps are quite strange

  2. Please help veterans who aren't in states that haven't made the push to legalize medical marijuana there are a Lot of us out here that are having a real hard time I've had two friends commit death! 🙁 I don't want any more of my veteran brothers dying when there are people who have access to MM who could try to find ways to help us until we finally have it legal in all states ♿️🇺🇸🏅🌱🔬🔋👌🏼🚬💊💉👍🏼

  3. There are strands of weed that are as strong as ptsd meds — without the negative/addictive side affects.

    My dr prescribed me xanax, oxy, and an anti depresent, and now I'm detoxing because canabis oil (smoke or edible) is all I really need. And because I'm detoxing from those meds, my body is in pain.

    Detoxing from xanax and oxy is FUCKING hell on a my body and mind.

  4. I've healed myself through a lot of stuff with the use of cannabis. I served 6 years and felt suicidal many times during and after my service, with the only hope offered by the system being crippling pharmaceuticals and years of endless therapy that didn't address the deeper spiritual issues that really affect our mental health. Most Westerners, as well as the system, regard that as a foreign concept, but millions more out there like me experiencing the same may be onto something besides Big Pharma profits and population control. Wake up, free your mind. Our plant teachers are around to help us remember who and what we truly are

  5. Gee marijuana is proven to cause neurogenesis in the hippocampus up to normal size and density which is exactly the part of the brain destroyed by stress. Tough question if it should be used huh? The protocol should be up for debate not the notion of it.

  6. listen guys people have the image in their head of skateboarding stoners they are only a small part of the recreational using marijuana crowd now that being said marijuana has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes it does alleviate anxiety it does help with certain pain issues it will increase appetite not the munchies but help folks with issues like AIDS glaucoma and other medical concerns it should be more a matter of choice and not a matter of the pharmaceutical companies shopping painkillers down our throats and heading the wallets of doctors around the country faceit marijuana is a US cash cow and should be utilized for its tax dollars through regulation positive influences from responsible citizens will help our cause move forward is States get on board with recreational use and medicinal use the federal government will step in and make it legal and regulated throughout our nation it is only a matter of time I would bet within the next two years we will have turned the corner for our right to choose people who use it now who live in states where it is not legal are forced to break the law to alleviate pain as far as recreational alcohol is a much worse substance and facing if it feels good people are going to do it thank you for your time and please only report the facts no fiction!!!

  7. A good friend of mine is a veteran who was diagnosed with rds and because of this was paralyzed for a while. When the doctors had him hooked on painkillers he was in excruciating pain and completely dependent on them. If he smoked pot and tested positive in his weekly drug test they would punish him by not allowin him his pain meds until he pissed clean. He decided to say fuck the v.a. and went to a neurologist who specialized in his condition and now my good friend is off of pain killers, walking with no need for assistance, smoking pot, and finally happy. What the v.a. is doing to our veterans is both insulting to them and is killing them slowly.

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