1. My Republican Party really got it wrong on the cannabis issue. I'm 67 and have always supported legalization. Apparently they have no concern regarding my views and I will vote a democrat into office this fall. SAD

  2. Well guess we all know now we won’t have a republican governor after this year. Kinda sucks cause Michigan has some of the highest taxes for a blue collar state it does have the highest car insurance rates of all 50 states. An we have some of the strictest gun laws out side of two other states an one city that’s outrageous as the statistics don’t show any good cause for any of this. Now ya wanna hate on the most non harmful drug there is safer then alcohol never seen a girl smoke a joint an get raped seen them drink to much an get into situations they later regret so that’s one good thing bout cannabis never seen a pot smoker get in a car An do 100 down the freeway either they have just signed there death warrant for any republicans in Michigan cause of this stance

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