1. Ey I have an arizer eq, and I know your all about that argo but I bet my stempod will blow your mind! Lol pax this pax that, naw, convection is the way to go but not to knock the argo but if you have a 510 box mod it's a rda tank that does dry herb with premium materials and minimal cost in comparison. Lol, Ik sell out but I've been using it for a while now and it's got a learning curve, but after that your golden,.

  2. Going to try some blue dream and headband delta 8 flower this week, gotta wait for those hempire gummies for at least a week lol. Had moonrocks last week, almost couldn't taste the sour space candy over the oozy delta 8.

  3. I use the mighty made by storz and bikel the people who make the desktop style Valcano vaporizer they claim desktop level vapor quality in a portable and I can confirm it is amazing and the only way I consume flower. The bud after itโ€™s vaped it decarboxilated which means itโ€™s edible you can eat it or cook with it and also when you clan the mouth peace itโ€™s full of thc oil/goo that you can smoke as well you get so much use out of your flower and it lasts way longer. The flavor is insane highly recommend!

  4. Found your channel the other day man, ordered Delta 8 for the first time last night. Really like you and Sergio's content, you guys are the best! Shoutout to the EQ in the background! CBD flower is the best through that thing.

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