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  2. NJ-Dude here: NJ-MJ sales would be based on state sales tax, which is normal to have on all sold goods besides clothing, (prescription) drugs, and jewelry. 6:58 – Scutari and Sweeney have the right idea: can't tax it too heavy because then (Inner-City) folk from Newark, Patterson, and Trenton wont be able to afford it. 7:40 – New Jersey is 11.15% the size of Washington with 2.1+ million more people, and the municipality spread is 565 to 281(WA). The Black Market here (so close to Port Newark and NYC) wont be crushed unless they have heavy competition. My stoner-friend actually voted No, to keep it illegal. His reason? Better prices. Go figure.

  3. I personally think we have a moonshine situation here. If you tax something, there will always be a black market for it. These are just economic forces, taxes, and the illicit market must make synthesize in order to create a happy medium. perhaps allowing the illicit market to continue until the market is developed enough to where the legal market can out compete for prices, and quality. Then you can start taxing it, and even then I think it should be taxed at the same rate, as alcohol. If these mass growing operations can make high quality eights for 10 – 15 bucks, that is when you will start seeing a reduction in the black market. Since most of the time, these moonweeds do not have the same access to equipment that above board companies do. Not to be rude or anything, just disagreeing. When we have mass cultivation with all 50 states legalized, prices will go down. Especially with home grow, where people will be giving it to there friends, and family. reducing the demand for store bought cannabis. Thus reducing prices.

  4. I wrecked my HARLEY with no helmet killing me 3 times and an 87 day coma giving me a 5.5 brain injury.
    I am the CREATORS 'healing' warrior;
    Earth must be 'healed' growing HEMP world wide. You see it will restore the 'soil', it will restore the 'atmosphere', it will restore the ECONOMY.
    FEDERAL AGENT at CenturyLink4347 has hacked my computer stopping my updates. I am AFRAID to return to FACEBOOK.
    Because my doctor told me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves that THC restores brain injuries made me so upset that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and created GOLD. You see I learned TEMPERING long ago and understood about heat manipulating molecules. When I went to the only gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA and showed JB that I reached 22K then he threw me out telling the 'city council' that I am creating FOOLS GOLD pass tests.
    You see copper is 179 atoms that will melt at 1400F to 1800F but 'atoms' must be brought to a boiling point that is 3500F and have no OXYGEN putting pressure against it or will expand exploding burning on contact. This must be done for 72 to 100 hours. 100 atoms will boil out and melted BORAX will absorb them leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.
    All this was just to 'prove' that my 5.5 TBI is being restored with THC.

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