1. I have been with him the last year. I have been in this field of addiction for many years. This guy is a genius when it comes to realistic approaches to stopping the pain that comes with addiction. He has real solutions that really work.

  2. Well, this is a very interesting approach to say the least. I mostly agree, and yes, it's great to get rid of that mental fog, the headaches, lethargy, etc. Super uplifting lol. Having increased energy, motivation and clarity, … what a difference! As long as you don't suffer from cravings during detox (like Nemery Thentel explains in his website), it's so much easier than one would think.

  3. Julian wouldn’t quit bothering me about how great he felt about quitting marijuana. I finally cracked and visited Nemery Thentel’s website (google his name). It’s now been a few months and I’m pot free, I forgot what it was to feel normal, it’s glorious.

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