1. Thanks to corrections corporation of America and pharmaceutical companies along with greedy politicians this amazing plant is illegal in the US. That needs to change. How do we go about organizing to flood the president's office with mail and email to remove it from the federal laws? We need to pick a date once a month and load up the USPS with mail to the Whitehouse and repeat as necessary

  2. What does israel have to do with the advancement of cures? Big pharma is the reason we have such stringent measures with marijuana. Keep pharma out of curing. They know nothing of it. Then you will see advancement in treating and healing. Monsanto wants to through hydro manipulate marijuana. Keep pharma out of america, keep israel out of america, err amerikkka

  3. I've been smoking weed for 50 years I know the benefits of it calms me down helps my anxiety if I smoke the right weed sure is nothing wrong about smoking pot and there's only benefits you all have a good day grow your own get the best now that I'm older and and I am disabled I find it benefits for pain with marijuana products

  4. How cool is that, here in Australia they just keep bullshiting everyone, but people are realy seeing the benefits of cannabis….I love the girls….good job on the vid man

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