1. It’s just another intoxicant. Outlaw behavior not substances. (DWI, public intoxication, etc.) And BTW I’m one of “those people “ who are supposed to be against legalizing it.

  2. The first sentence about Smart Approaches to Marijuana on the Wikipedia page is: Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM, Inc.) is a non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, OPPOSED to marijuana legalization and commercialization. Gee I wonder why they came to the conclusion that the majority of New Mexicans don't want marijuana legalized. C'mon KRQE, do your own research and don't just parrot the BS that we would expect from KOAT (Hearst publications).

  3. Republicans do not want to legalize because most of them are in the lumber industry if you legalize marijuana you can use the hemp from it to replace Lumber in making paper and cotton when you make clothes so who will miss out the lumber and cotton industry they will lose a lot of money

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