1. I think Asian countries should also do studies and spread the word because a lot of Asian older parents still view them as bad. And I see my dad popping pills to treat pain and sucks to see him on though instead of doing cannabis

  2. The mic…her dress….If I was stoned right now, I'd be tripping. But I'm not stoned right now, thanks to some tools I acquired to help me get my medicinal marijuana use under control. Check out WeedOutTheHabit.com. Made by a guy that got addicted and smoked for ten years. He developed a method to quit the habit without losing the ability to smoke when the moment calls for it. If you have financial challenges, send him a message. He is really cool and will work with people to get them the tools they need! #regaincommand #stayclear #weedoutthehabit

  3. You need to slow down. Speech is so fast you don't have time to understand or process it all. She's a motor mouth and I feel sorry for her husband or boyfriend if she has one. Lol. But I lile the article and where she's going with it. Cheers big ears and just slow down. I've never met anyone that can speak as fast as this lady.
    Cute to boot.

  4. Cheers for the Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Mackorny Marijuana Paradise Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great one off product for giving up smoking weed without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy at very last got astronomical results with it.

  5. I’m pro weed but this video has so much misinformation. I use it medically so I know all these different things they’re getting wrong. Also please learn how to pronounce alprazolam if you’re gonna use it. Also Xanax/alprazolam isn’t the only benzo lol


  7. Hello Youtube section ! Thank you for this awesome video ! I just wanted to share , that I have a really hard time….I do overcome my chemical-drug addiction (coke – pills – speed) and I just stopped taking prescription pills on my own ( I am past 1,5 Months now) ,cause I felt , that they are going to drive me under and I felt totally suicidal cause I was always talked into taking them. I am very upset that I cant enjoy my life at the moment , but I still thank weed , that I sometimes got some money to smoke it ! In Germany where I am anyways an outlander , there you cant just get a weed presc. , that is upsetting , cause they don´t care at all about people like me. I always wished to be happy , I grew up in Romania , all tough without parents , so when I came over to Germany , all I got is being bullyed and sabotated…. however , I was mentally ill with already 12 years in this world and when I found out about weed when I was almost 17 , I am going to be honest , it did make me happy and it prevented , till today , my suicidal attempts. I am 24 now , I was set 7 years on prescription pills and it is a hell of a mess to get out of that on your own ! I wish anybody the best to overcome prescprition drugs. I am fighting daily to not end up in a psychatry again (cause of the effect of the pills over the years) , cause there , they will be forcing me into pills again ! However , I wont give up my dreams and I keep fighting , that I also end up , atleast , happy and peacefull , that I can medicate safely and constantly ! I am dreaming about making music , and maybe having the chance to be a little streamer and yeah get out of these
    homes for mentally people. I was kinda told by my mother and stepfather with 15 to leave the house. I did , alltough it really is hard to survive and keep going.

    Thank you also youtube and people , that I am able to share , enabled to cry myself out , even if it is disturbing for the most of you , wanted to give it a big shoutout to america ! Thank you for all the awesome things you made up for this world , and yeah , that we have the chance to speak internationally. Big thanks.
    I live at the moment for music , the internet , my pc , league of legends , sometimes when I can allow myself , I love to light one , send out prayers and listen to oldschool like Nate , Sean price , Heltah Skeltah etc. and yeah I always go every day to an open church down the street right here.
    Thank you for giving me honestly a reason to stay alive !

    Sorry for bothering some of you , but It really helped me to share and shed tears while I am writing.

  8. Nope well not if it's too late for u if ur already dependent u can't get off with weed. But it is a better option than the pills if u haven't began then u can use cannabis instead but don't give false hope to my family who see shit like this in three news don't understand n then think it'll be a miracle cure alllllllll and I'll get off alllll my pills nope! But it is great for those who haven't started.

  9. A schedule 1 narcotic is now the new way to cure a Schedule 2 narcotic…
    😂👌 what about a schedule 1 drugs like magic mushrooms, that could cure meth addiction.😂

  10. I have been using weed for ADHD for years (Since I was 14). My condition has turned into ADD now and still I find weed to best for treating my condition! I personally am glad weed is finally legal in Michigan and will forever thank weed for helping me. I hope future generations aren't fooled by the stigma behind weed and find themselves using it for whatever the condition may be.

  11. I’m 16, people say don’t smoke weed.
    Ex. Family Doctor, psychologist, parents, etc. But I take meds prescribed by my doctor, Vyvanse and Fluoxetine. I think these meds are causing me more harm then just smoking weed instead of taking my meds. Can someone help me out?

  12. Weed is the new crack. Especially of this generation if a mother fucker ain't got weed they are all grumpy and depressed. Weed don't cure cancer pills have always been the awnser.💊why you think doctors prescribe you pills and not weed. Wake up people

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