1. Hm, I thought of smartwatches as a hostile thing, but now it seems to be quite a friendly helper. If it can help people with the mentioned issues…Like to Apple then!

  2. Also, this seems like a close to heart topic for you, you’ve spoke about depression before but I’d be interested in more mental health related topics in your vids occasionally. I know that it’s not what ur channel so I get it if you don’t, plus that shits very personal so…

    Thanks for the lit content

  3. you wake up in a pool of your own sweat, but because you're in blankets it feels more like being in some giant animal's colon. and you're like fuuuuuuuuckkk. where am I going to sleep now? needs a dry place to sleep.

  4. Eli, your wifes breast cancer may have been caused by the metal strip in her underwire bra. Its an antenna that amplifies things like cell phone microwave radiation.This unnatural electromagnetic current is no good for human cells. You should condemn anything worn on the body involving microwaves. These microwaves might even have something to do with your night sweats.

  5. When my wifi is on in the house my dog snores extremely loud. The instant i shut it off he stops snoring. The instant I turn it on he starts snoring again. Do not wear a microwave emitting device if you are having problems sleeping, get rid of all radio waves in your house especially microwaves.

  6. It would be nice to have an early warning for me to walk away. Anger control and becoming overly aggressive have been an issue for the last decade. Having something tell me, nah just slip away on this one would save me a lot of hassle in life that I create for myself.

  7. That watch is a tracking beacon just like your cell phone. Now with 5g microwave towers that send a beam of deadly blood clot causing high frequency digitally pulsed radiowaves to that device it will sicken or kill you. Its proven science military's around the world have known since the invention of RADAR.

  8. Fucking hate night sweats although I never know what I’m sweating for, I have learned that this happens in patterns. Hmmm 🤔 anyways gonna share this on Twitter thanks Eli the night sweat guy! Lolz cheers from OC CA

  9. The best doctors and healthcare services of us are ourselves individually however , no one would deny the very good sides of the great progress of modern science and technology with its importantly useful roles on human life . Insomnia is one of the worst things happening to people in the modern life by an environmental pollution , working pressure , anxiety or depression ….which is directly causing people with mental health problems . No one can understand and take the best care of ourselves but ourselves and a good health is the most important thing of all …..

  10. The middle finger using here is really uncool and I wish you would not do that Eli. A lot of us are really close to God. About your PTSD try asking your doctor about Gabapentin. It has been the only med that helps me with anxiety.

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