1. I don’t agree with decriminalizing all drugs. However, think about this…what effect on crime, did prohibition (alcohol) have? And, what effect on crime, after repealing prohibition? If a majority or at least a significant proportion of people believe a certain way…what type of government would dictate otherwise. This is why tobacco and alcohol are still legal. It appears to me that a significant proportion of Americans don’t have an issue with legalizing marijuana

  2. I am a pharmacist in southern oregon and I voted to decriminalization drugs. I do not advocate drug use. The war on drugs has been a complete waste of money. Making drugs illegal has created the criminal industry to support drug use. We saw the same criminal element spring up around alcohol during prohibition. Making alcohol legal has not completely elemated the criminal element but it has minimized it. We can never get to zero harm the goal should be to minimize harm and the system we have been using has never had overwhelming success in minizing harm. Portugal has seen reduction in several areas since they legalized drugs in 2001. Overdoses, his infections and crime related to drug use is down. That does not mean they have zero drug related problems and they should not continue to do better. The definition of insanitity is continuing to do the same action and to expect different results. Our current system has only seen an increase in problems not a decrease. We are also an epicenter for Marijuana production in southern oregon. Most of the growers in this area are trying to follow the laws. There is still some criminal element but they survive because it is so profitable to ship their product to states where pot is illegal not from sales within the state. I know it is scary to try something new but we have to start thinking outside the box if we want to save lives. We could put the money we are using to lock up drug addicts and fund prevention programs to minimize the next generation of addicts.

  3. Legalize it but do not be a burden to society. I should not have to pay extra for overdoses. Let them have a space to do drugs legally and die if they desire to drugs.

  4. Man I want to listen to this guys podcast, because he's a smart BUSINESS person. But everything outside of this I'm losing respect for because of his ignorance in a lot of areas. It's embarrassing frankly.

  5. No Pat; they're $13. per pack in NY. As for legalising all drugs, one of your interviewees Michael Franzese said Prohibition was a gift to the Mafia. History proved him right. I'm not a drug taker, so I have no skin in the game. Who will scream the loudest if ALL legalised? The CIA, Banks, some politicians & ALL lawyers. It's a money machine. Reminds me of a guy I worked with at multinational who said: If you have a flat tax of 7% on all incomes, with no deductions, the RICH would scream the loudest!" He's still right today.
    He came upon the 7% number using GNP gross American incomes – but we were paying 20%…..

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