1. I must say that Dr. Wahls looks much healthier than when i last saw her at another interview maybe 6 mos ago. That time i had some difficulty understanding what she was saying. Impressive.

  2. Hi Dr. I heard that organic sulfur crystals are great for healing and detox. Would you kindly weigh in on this? I’ll check your videos if you already have. I would really appreciate your feedback. Is it safe to take? Are there any side effects or benefits? Would it be safe for a 20 year old, 50 year old etc., Please

  3. Dr. Wahl's is a wonderful resource – Looking forward to her newest book. Her health journey amazes me each time I hear it! Food is medicine!👍🍅🌶️

  4. What a great interview. Most people won't share the foods and supplements they take, so that they can sell their book. I'm much more likely to buy a book when given the kind of candid information that Dr Terry is sharing!

  5. Thank you Doc, we love you her listing from palos Verdes California, also I take pqq and coq10, NAD helps me lot with mitochondria, I was listening to David Sinclair on dna repair
    Maybe you should interview him. Great interview !! 👍🏽❤️

  6. My sister Karen died of cancer because she could not take the new drugs because of her auto immune disease MS. So many people lose family when medicine is wrong and DIET is right. Keto/Carnivore rules for long health.

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