1. I seen good and bad from this company just like majority of the others in Ohio. They don't properly an consistently cure. Really limiting potential of their flower. It's disappointing Klutch does this too. Some of the best flower ends up average at best without a good cure. All these companies care about is making money, not growing the best medicine they can

  2. Hey everyone! Well, I finally found a strain that I seriously love. Hope you enjoy the review! Just a quick channel update: You may have noticed that reviews have gotten somewhat sporadic. My mother has been very sick recently and I have been burning the midnight oil working to care for her. I lost both my only sibling and my father last year, so keeping her alive as long as I can is a top priority. These reviews take quite a while to produce (around 15-20 hours a piece), so they may get not get released as regularly for the time being. But I'll keep trucking along as much as I can. I'm hoping for at least one or two reviews in December, plus a Yule Log. We'll see if I can hit those goals! Thank you all for your continued support, patience and love. You make this channel an amazing space for patients and enthusiasts!

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