1. I have an outdoor plant that was topped twice, the plant got hit by a storm resulting in the main stalk splitting in half… next year i'm not gonna do any topping, just let the plant grow natural.

  2. I personally wouldn't defoliate at this stage. Except for the one plant at 3:11 , your plants aren't really bushy enough to warrant it and even so, you're probably better off chopping off those lower nodes before entering flower, and letting your plants divert all it's energy on the main colas up top

  3. I believe the typical thing to do is to defoliate about all the time through flower open up the inside, lot more sunlight inside- closer to harvest you'll start trimming off some of the lower fan leaves for even more Bud production..
    . I'm just saying
    I'm constantly pulling off unnecessary leaf production that has nothing to do with flowering 20% a day not to stress her out and continue in flower

  4. Would start taking out leaves to open it up and for some airflow. Been doing with mine its literally so much work lol but helps the plant out alot and will reduce chances of pm. Your buds look dank af, harvest time gonna be real goood!!

  5. the main reason for the smaller buds are due to the lack of root space. also you should take leaves to open it up. dont hurt your yield by taking your top buds before they are ready. this is just my opinion. they do look good though

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