1. Y'all need to get your facts straight. I'm 47 years old when smoking marijuana since I was 13 on my own business never did any other drug don't drink Blah blah blah

  2. Pot isn’t addictive. Wtf people. It’s better to be legal and not go to jail. It’s not bad I have M. S. And it helps tremendously. My doctors write me marinol so that’s unfortunate because it’s the only legal way I can get it. Smoking it works much better so I have to break the law to get my medicine. If someone is gonna do hard drugs they will do them legal or not. Nickname is WEED because before it was criminalize it was grown all over the place. The constitution is written on hemp paper. The founding fathers smoked weed. Thomas Jefferson actually bread different strains to get a more potent plant. All the sail boats had hemp sails and rope without that plant the world would be a very different place. It’s been a medical herb in China for over 1000 years. Weed is gods medicine all natural you can grow almost anywhere. It became illegal when all the drug companies started up. They don’t want you to make your own medicine. Why do we have THC receptors in our brain? They are there for a reason. In Amsterdam since drugs were legalized crime has dropped and I believe that drug usage is down from the days when it was illegal.

  3. What I have seen with my own eyes worked to keep some kids off of drugs, if you are able, take your kids to a hospital that has a NICU and let them see some babies that are born addicted to drugs. Is it 100%? NO but I have seen it work. I have 3 daughters age range from 23 – 32 and none of them use drugs.

  4. I think all these guys on stage should smoke a joint, what a joke lmao. Weed is from god as medicine. if used in the right manner weed will cause no harm. They complain about weed but at the end of the day that mom on stage, will probably have a few glasses of wine, what is the difference anyways?

  5. The female "professional" on stage is RUDE! Let the guys talk too, and it's so sad to see the audience support her every time she interrupts the male professionals. The guys are just as important as you are you entitled female.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 im a medical marijuana patient n it does amazing things 4 people who actually need it and I'm 1 of those people I have seizures depression anxiety and insomnia used 2 take me 4 hours 2 fall asleep at night takes me less than a hour tho and has done good 4 so many other people

  7. That mom is so brainwashed and that stupid girl on stage is also brainwashed also she looks like she has a glass of wine after work she looks like that Xanny popping soccer mom. So she can stfu

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