1. In Texas if you use THC you are a drug user or an addict. If you drink alcohol you are normal. If you use marijuana and you have a family you are a danger to your kids. If you own one or more guns you are normal.

  2. the youth is already doing marijuana illegally and getting taken to jail for it. why not legalize and get the youth some help. nobody has ever died from this medicine just stop saying it’s bad for you if you have never done it.

  3. Is Abigail Moore just stupid or lying through her teeth? Car crashes, drugged driving? There’s more drunk driving cases than there are people driving high. Health issues? How do cigarette, tobacco, concentrated nicotine & cigars not fit in there? Mental health issues? Tell me how Alcohol doesn’t fit there, yet it’s legal. All of the things I stated can be addictive, yet still legal. Work force issues, please explain how. Keep that BS to someone gullible enough to believe you.

  4. This lady said drugged driving ….. it didn’t even sound right Koming out her mouth …. so you meant to tell me by 21 we are able to consume liquor that has all type unhealthy things in it / produce a sHit ton of more death probably a 100x more deaths since the don of time & Cigs that cause cancer ………. and has also produced more deaths then marijuana has ever caused EVER ……But you are scared to see somebody under 25 smoke Kause there brain might not be fully developed?????? So that also mean people shouldn’t be adults and he jailed for anything if that’s age limit for your brain to fully be developed lmao wth are you even saying we do all type of things to our bodies before 25 her excuses were bull shit jus say y’all rather lock people up and keep those other people in business rather then helping your own economy they are asking for legalization and y’all treating us like we are y’all children we are grown asf find away to tax it and legalize it and stfu and try make some money w/ us instead of against us for a change

  5. The only complications you get from marijuana is being on probation parole being stopped or killed by the police for marijuana or being killed by other people trying to rob you for your marijuana those are the only complications

  6. I didn’t vote for him before the election
    But after hearing he is for Medical/Recreational Cannabis
    I’m down with this guy 100%

    Before I turned 18 I was completely against weed and looked down on people who did it, called them losers.

    The day after I turned 18 I tried it, and had many experiences with it, even got lost in my own thoughts.

    I am a better person with it, and feel much Healthier thanks to my experience.

    If you smoke indica, you won’t be a productive person. Vs smoking Sativa you will stay productive and have the need to still have goals.

    I’m 27 now and really want people to be more open about it and not hate on other who are doing it

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