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    How Green Energy Destroys Native Culture, Habitat, Water and Wildlife

    4 billion people now live at least one month per year with severe water shortages

    Yanks pump up fresh drinking water, poison it, pump it back underground to frack gas to burn for electricity, to charge their EV batteries… in a mega drought; and because of this Yanks cut emissions more switching to gas than Europe did switching to renewables, if you ignore all the leaky wells.

    66% of people will live in water stressed areas by 2025.

    50% of thermal and hydro electric power will be threatened with water stress,

    40% of coal mines are water stressed and so are 30% of planned hydro dams

    Out of 1.2 billion vehicles, under 6 million are electric

    Electricity is 20% of energy, renewable electricity is 4%, solar & wind are 2% of energy

    2% of energy is solar and wind + 4% of energy is renewable

    Planetary heating went up 46% in 50 years from 0.47 watts/m² to 0.87 watts/m²

    350 ppm CO2 will not stop planetary heating

    We must stop burning 50% of fossil fuel in 10 years to stay below 1.5 C

    Our attempts to not cross 1.5 C are ineffectual and will kill everything off, here's why

    Battery and bio-energy extraction will destroy tribal water and wildlife

    40% of insect species are at risk of extinction by 2050

    Real climate racial justice = monthly private carbon dividends

    Greenhouse gases went up 45% in 30 years + 15% of energy will be renewalbe by 2040

    Renewable energy cannot reduce heating in time to avoid 1.5 C

    4% of energy is renewable + 4% of mammals are wild by weight

    We kill trees 2X faster than we plant them

    Trees grow faster and die younger in fires floods & droughts

    It takes one ton of coal to make 12 solar panels

    Most solar panels will become unrecyclable toxic waste by 2050 at 6 million tons / yr

    Vaclav Smil says:

    North Euro offshore wind turbines work 33% of the time

    North Euro onshore turbines work 22% of the time

    North Euro solar panels work 11% of the time

    Over 60 yrs jets are 68% more efficient and fly 60X more passengers

    Green energy in Europe is open fraud

    Europe burns 80% of the globe's wood pellets for renewable electricity

    Europe burns 80% of its curbside recycled plastic & paper for recycled electricity

    Europe burns 50% of its palm oil cargo in diesel engines for green bio-energy

    Dams destroy 80% of river wildlife up and down the rivers

    Europe's global carbon fund is rife with corruption

    Support James Hansen's monthly private carbon dividends

    100% to you 0% to governments & corporations

    Monthly Private Dividends = Real Climate Racial Justice (not the academic kind)

    26 Nobel Prize winning economists support James Hansen’s monthly dividends, including: 3,589 U.S. Economists, 4 Former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and ALL 15 Former Chairs of the Council of Economic Adviser


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