1. The Hippocrates that govern this state are Ridiculous! You can have a mental illness and own 30 guns, WTF!!!! How is this less government and freedom, 100% Legal in TX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw an ad from Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) on YouTube that asked for Texas to please not legalize marijuana, because Colorado still really needs Texas marijuana tax dollars. Texas stands to generate billions in tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs if it enacted the policy change to legalize. Colorado said they really love the tax revenue from Texas from marijuana tourism because it generates millions & millions of dollars a year in much needed taxes to help Colorado during these hard, challenging times of the pandemic! Then it thanked Texas for it past patronage!

  3. All bills will die when it hits the Senate. Its the people who vote for these backwards hicks representatives. They act like they are doing mankind a great deal when they keep cannabis illegal. Texas is one of the worst states to talk about cannabis and cannabis reform

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