1. Hey D, Sorry to hear about your health issues. One of my hobbies is nutrition and, as with many things, the conventional wisdom on nutrition is often wrong. I want to make sure you are getting information from good sources. Here's a great resource for you: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/blog/. And you can't really trust medical doctors on this subject either. As surprising as it is, most med schools require little to NO nutrition training! Don't believe the hype either- you can eat meat and be very healthy because of it. There's millions of just out there. It's really the sugar and pro inflammatory processed foods that are making you unhealthy!

  2. Yes there was 1k live shows or more but not many or any on cannabis.. Also you seem to be declining first of the show is just straight negative boss.. I do like watching you but need to find you again boss seem way to edgy.. And threats over switching time is retarded ppl just like to start shit.. You are a grown man as you say so lets act like it pla be done with the back and forth on all the negative and drama….. Lets get the show back on point.. Sorry for the book stay breezy

  3. I have been losing weight by using the mission method. It is really a fun easy low impact way to lose weight.
    First you take a HUGEEEE hit then you go on a mission "doesn't matter what it is – grab a fishing pole or a backpack with enough water for a couple of hours and get out and see the world" its amazing some of the stuff youll find that we ignore. But the main benefit is resetting your head while elevating your health.
    Good luck with your journey
    Stay lifted and healthy

  4. I love cbd an u don’t need a lot either I drink a qtr of a bottle of cbd lean in the morning an take a few dabs to kick start it an the cbd leans will last all day love it Bro I kicked hydrocodone that I took for 6 years for pain now all I take is cbd I smoke thc at night to relax an the cbd just calms me down way different than thc an if you smoke cbd with thc it kinda sobers you a little so u don’t have that panic attack cuz I always have panic attacks when I smoke thc the cbd tones it down so I don’t have that panic attack

  5. Empire wellness bro got the best full spectrum cbd an real canabis terpines I just started selling them in my smoke shop in Texas they are flying off the shelf an depression an anxiety are the main things people use it for

  6. Hey Tricky, if you are still feeling anxiety cut out all sugar and caffeine from your diet. Try to notice your breathing, most times you have anxiety, your breathing is sure to be shallow. Try breathing deeply in through one nostril (keeping the other closed by putting pressure) then switch and exhale through the other nostril. Just a couple of pro-tips!

    Detoxing from cannabis cold turkey is not helping your situation. Sleeping is tough during these times, try melatonin in low dose to re-set your sleep cycle (cannabis disturbs our natural chemical cycle) Best thing to do is have a calendar set for each day. Get a schedule daily and stick to it. Even if it is a waste of your time be BUSY. Having a place to be and be busy is essential or you will buy into your own thoughts. Have someone relying on you so you have motivation and accountability.

    Low impact exercise will be good for you, walking around the mall, grocery store etc will help slowly detox your fat cells. Changing your diet is essential, just because the Gov. says it is healthy (food pyramid) doesn't mean it actually is. Be well brother, take care.

  7. Tricky I have plenty of personal experience with exactly what you are dealing with. Probably started in my mid-late 30s (55 now). Diet changes though life saving, come with their own issues for a while as you start to detox(detox can be a real muthafuka, especially when you think hormones chems & gmos). What made the difference for me was learning how the mind works & some tricks to get through the hard times. When I began using these techniques as a 3x daily routine(instead of the bong) the results began to gain momentum & I got better. I took a year off (a couple of times) and went back to a more moderate use, tried to get through the days straight, then a couple of small cones did the trick. Imagine goin through this shit when you are married with 5 kids & self employed. Do some research (or email me if you like) on brain rhythms- Beta, Alpha, theta, Delta (they're similar to tv channels that we can actually deliberately tune into for different states). The shit that plays in our minds & drives us nuts is playing on the Beta channel- the fastest channel we use. You can use the inter relationship between breath rate, heart rate and brain rhythm to slow our mind down, which, has a big impact on which hormones and other natural chemicals we make- thus making us feel different. While uneducated, we can be at the mercy of thoughts that make us breath shorter & faster which will give us the physiology suitable for fight or flight, but we can choose other thoughts and be conscious of our breathing- which will give us the physiology of relaxation. We have way more control available than we thought possible once we know how to do it. Props for openness & honesty mate, and for going the whole food route, it's not easy, but, seems to me to be the sane thing to do. You come across just as well with those big clear eyes man. BE WELL, and hang on to your path to health. Cheers

  8. hey tricky maybe next time you pick up smoking go for a something less heady that's my best advice.. hope all goes well, I started going mostly vegetarian from what the health also

  9. fantastic show tricky, I know exactly what you're going through, same happened to me, one day my body just said: "fuck you, no more cannabis", took me outa the cannabis game for 10 yrs. Stick in there, your body and mind will heal with time.

  10. Yeap I did oc one time for like 9 months, as much as I could. All of the homies I was doing pills with switched to dope, shit is rough I don't think they are coming back…

  11. Tricky, Being 100% completely honest I've lost count of how many friends I've lost over an 18 year heroin battle. That's why I'm in Oregon now. I can use/grow my own without risking my freedom and family while turning to a safe alternative/medicine. Much love for you and all of your panel for spreading education and awareness. Take care my friends.

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