1. Lmao this dude really thought the most obvious smoke alarm ever was a truck backing up… Im glad youve never had a house fire, but anyone older than about 8 should know that sound means a potential fire….

  2. I also think APHA is going to be big! I only have 102 shares at the moment, but I will add more periodically. One forecast projected that APHA will be worth $57 in 2025. What do you guys think?

  3. I buy it at 5.80 by all my profit from ACB at 11.20 two days ago. I believe on this company foundation is much more solid than ACB. So I switch my portfolio to APHA. Hopefully long term it worth for it.

  4. Walter Robb is a stud he is all about branding. I think he is the dude who created Whole Foods brands options within the store. Just think if APHRIA has their own brand of Cannibus down the road. I like them a lot. Great video brother. Lets go!!!! I like them so much I literally may sell my entire LCA holdings and buy APHRIA. That 725 shares of LCA. Considering….

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