1. Got a ? I threw a herb that i bought called rebirth it has 15 different alkaline herbs in it has superfoods, micronutrients, and other stuff that benefits the body . .i threw it once on my plant that i have its a canabis plant of course . Id say the plant liked it my brother and my friend was like wtf did u give ur plant . I noticed leaves were big nice cool dark green and overall looked healthy . I also threw a herb called moringa . My ? Is can you throw herbs for the human onto the plants . And will it work what can you tell me im hardly know how to grow but i know i can and will do to good videos of great peole like yourself . I was just curious on that part ..

  2. What’s the green sand bring to the table? What do you think about azomite over glacier rock dust? Don’t we have silica in the azomite, glacier rock dust and green sand? I’m using stonington blend from coast of Maine. I added some greensand, azomite and mykos azos. What do you think? Should I add anything in for a 15 gallon pot? Much love! Blessing!

  3. hearing you through the mask is annoying. you should have an itemized list of everything that you are using, so i don't have to pause and rewind so many times to try and make out exactly what you're saying! otherwise, thanks for the info, much appreciated.

  4. hope all is well man, have you put any thought into working with these companies to build out a growers choice kit? maybe a oppertunity hidng in plain sight. offer a to scale package that sets everyone on the right path. have you ever tried dutch nutrients humates? stay safe and take care keep up the great work

  5. Rice hulls are very cheap and are loaded with silica. You can top dress it as a mulch and get most if not all of your silica needs. Just throwing this out there as a cheaper alternative. You just don't get the extra benefits of the foliage spray.

    Be very careful people when handling raw silica. Breathing in raw silica dust can cause serious lung damage or death.

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