1. Great video!

    On a side note, I'm always looking for other breeders to connect, share info, trade seeds (got about 75 different strains now) and share experiences with. If you're interested, just send me an e-mail at homegrownorganic@protonmail.com. I'm from The Netherlands. Are you from Canada or the US?

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  3. This man is an absolute legend and a huge inspiration to many I’m sure definitely a huge inspiration to myself. His creativity and aspirations blows my mind, what an incredible human being. Long live Professor Raphael Mechoulam. I am currently 18 years old with a strong interest in this revolutionary field of study and I hope in continuing his footsteps.

  4. How the fuck can't you see that you should simply step the fuck aside, let the plant grow, & we'll use it through out our entire lives, & won't suffer from Dementia in the fucking first place!
    There's no need for you at all to develop treatments, & This is Far From the case.
    Mmm K?

  5. Take all your rituals, crowns, awards, & stuff em!
    The benefits of this plant were known far & wide, ling before you even existed..
    Put the Plant Back In The Garden…
    Your shameful sense of self importance is deplorable…

  6. Can he be any more misleading, when he speaks about "chemotherapy-sideaffects"
    When you poison a person, the terrible vomiting, Is Far From A "Side affect" It's Exactly What Poisoning People Does!
    No one has ever suffered needlessly by ingesting Cannabis, Ever!
    Now have they?!?!!

  7. Nice documentary it's interesting. What a fabulous army picture, not surprising the gentleman looks so happy having such a beautiful young wife. How sweet the child clapping for her grandfather while he is presented with awards. She notices his importance while the world closes its eyes. But I don't think it was pot luck he got them prizes, just high time media took notice.

  8. The FDA only approves medicine that brings billions of dollars. There is no money on Natural Medicine. As one person called the FDA; " the Fraud and Deaf Administration". I agree, the FDA is the army with a stick. Even though millions of people die from using pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. If you don't obey, the FDA to their fraud rules; they will put you in jail.

  9. Tested on children…but not to cure them…just make the chemo more tolorable !!!
    Notice how they DANCE around the use of Cannabis to ""CURE"" cancer & 100's of other cronic ailments. It's for pain…it's for nausia…it's for feeling better. The gatekeeper mentality !!!

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