1. Nice video 👍! This reminds me of 8 months ago when I was so poor and broke I could barely afford two meal a day. I remember I had to make the biggest step of my life when invested my last income with an expert trader  that works with a FOREX trading company. It may seem little but it took courage to know that investing was the right thing to do at that time.Today my little investment of just $550 has yielded over $130,700 . Honestly to become successful, you need to take a huge step. That is where it all begins. Forex is a good investment as well

  2. Smfh. Curaleaf will get to 100$ or better within 4 to 6 years. So definitely a money maker. And trust that aurora will get back to 140$ by 2026. U watch. U wanna me smart, invest into 5 different Marijuana stocks. Amd invest 6,000$ to 10,000 into each one

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