1. For people saying it's not addicting or a gateway drug I've been smoking for years. Quit smoking for a year then see if u can manage it bet u cant. It's additcing and a gateway drug it really is.

  2. do any of the people who make these videos have ANY medical training?
    because if they did, they wouldn't be soo uninformed about everything.

    who's gonna give a kid pot? hey, 13 year old wanna toke? ugh some people I tell you..

    Canadians eh…

  3. Why the thumbs down over the thumbs up for???!!! Rather you like it or not the anime or the infor, then you know this was very informational all the very least besides from the creative homemade anime, then this video shouldnt have no massive thumbs down over the ups is completely a hater of this person or someone that misintrepet the videos true messege. Good job guys. nice work!!

  4. There’s not enough research to say thc isn’t harmful yet actually. We don’t know all the effects on the brain yet and some studies are pointing thc shrinking the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. So don’t say it’s not harmful just yet.

  5. It’s negative overall and so many more people seem to get controlled by weed than those that are able to control it. I’m seeing 90 Percent of the people I know use it regularly and only about ten percent are able to keep it to once in a while. I think th3 numbers are off where they say only one out of 6 use regularly. I think there’s some liars mixed in those 5 out of 6.

  6. You will never die from drinking alcohol and weed lmao and you will get to a point where your so drunk you will still throw up trust me I would be dead many times over if it was dangerous. It's really nice actually. Lol.

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