1. That CBD is that other element to smoking that body buzz just refreshed relaxed feeling that gets overshadowed by high THC. So take thc out the mix left with the all the medicinal stuff minus the pshcyoatcive

  2. Dat sour space candy is a go, not as piney but leveled me out! recently I tried moon rock rolled in kief. It looks like white powered donut holes lol. But it was still a good blow though (no homo) I’m really getting into the nugs rolled in kief! My next try is the hemp dabs. Never experienced the hard butters but will be making that purchase next month.

  3. I was super addicted to thc and it was ruining my life, I had never tried cbd and when I did I realized I liked it better than thc. I thought intoxication was why I liked thc but the was not the case .Dont knock it til u try it

  4. Great top 10 my guy. I pretty much agree with your rankings myself, it’s hard to beat SSC due to it being so strong in all of the categories. There’s two I think you should really try… like soon lol. Abacus Diesel from Hemp Hop or Texas Hemp Culture and this one is out of stock at the moment but GreenRush Hemp Co has a indoor Kush called A1. Bruh……. its that pressure lol. One more is The Wife from Top Cola, new company and they’ll be changing the CBD game with how they grow indoor Hydro. Check em out FR FR

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