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  2. what you are doing is adding ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) better known as Redox which helps with the Salicylic, Jasmonic and Ethylene pathways which is the Plant secondary defense mechanism

  3. I'm using 3% H2O2 and wonder, is using 1tbs per 8 oz to much. Thru veg ive done 1 tbs per gal. Now in 3rd week of flower i want to increase and feed twice more before harvest. Finally, i balance ph after adding peroxide. Thanks for the advice – love all the education.

  4. If you go with H2O2 you never can grow FULL organic. Hydrogen peroxide would kill off good and bad bacteria. It will mostly kill your full Bacteria colonie over Time. But if you go non-organic go for it it really works good from 2-4 ml per gallon.

  5. I use hydrogen peroxide when germanating and sprouting my seeds. I use aprox 1 tspn/liter of 3% peroxide. Teaspoon of the peroxide in a liter of water (to be clear). I find it gives the sprouts a burst of growth big strong roots right off the bat.

  6. IT WORKS WELL for get a small bar of Irish Spring soap and cut it into 1×1 cubes and then put it in the pots before you put the girls into their new pot and you will get nice fat roots and a nice green color leaves. I saw it on YouTube it was called the Irish Spring hack so I tried it and nothing but positive results So far. A** for the peroxide it works wonders for a fully spray with a little bit of cow mag

  7. peroxide baking soda and lemon juice is good for Bud washing outdoor plants to get rid of Bud rot powder mildew spider mites birdshit everything so you have a nice cleaner bud to smoke

  8. Peroxide saved my plants from rootrot 2x already. It also works effective against mildew and other leave problems, however you will burn your leaves if you spray the same concentration on your leaves. I have not figured out how much to use in a spray, so I use a 1/5 of what I use for my roots. Would be awsome if you could find out how much you can use on the leaves without damaging them. It would be much appriciated if you made a video about that!

  9. This is great but it is only half of the equation. The other part of this is clear Ammonia. The ammonium nitrates help the build up the roots and the beneficial bacteria needed for a balanced system.

  10. You will be impressed by using the hydrogen peroxide. Just keep it around 4 to 5. Its just like the ph in your water too high burn but the only think too little will do is not much of anything it will help but it won't really show up in your plants. Oh n for some nitrogen piss n your normal ph water with out nutrients is the best for them during the vegetation period. Have a happy n high day God bless from TN

  11. i would think this would kill off the good microbes in your dirt as well, why not just add a natural enzyme like npk raw sells that doesn't kill microbes and still breaks down roots, microbes will keep out the bad stuff and nematodes will eat anything else if you add them into your water

  12. You're talking about hydroponics, but I'm seeing a plant in a solo cup in soil mix. As a rookie soil grower, can I use h. peroxide in my water to develop great roots for soil growing?

  13. 5mls, call me crazy but I use 15mls/gallon and seen no real issues. I first tried it last summer outdoors. Didnt think about taking pics of the roots. Dont know how I can proove they're were no issues. But I can show you results.

  14. I’ve actually been thinking about trying it myself. I know others that have great success with peroxide. Thank also to everyone’s comments interesting to see how others are doing with it. Thanks Wizard for your time.Everyone have a great day!!

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