1. Not sure why, but anytime this show talks about the bible belt, they say they don't want to legalize weed because they're religious. It has nothing to do with religion. They don't want to legalize it because they feel weed makes a person lazy, irresponsible, less focused on positive activities etc. It's all bullshit, but they've been brainwashed for a lack of better term. It doesn't help that stoners have traditionally been associated with worthless Hippies that want to drop out from society etc. Long hair, dirty, drug taking idiots that have been associated with herb haven't done anything except make acceptance in this country, harder. Why Hippies are the worst image for herb considering most stoners are nothing like those fucking idiots.

  2. Hey speaking of publix you should also boycott them because of how they use slavery in the fields for produce. We should all boycott slavery guys. Dude you should read up on them and you’ll then understand why we wanna vote with our dollars to end this capitalistic system

  3. jordan Peterson has some good messages for growing boys, but…. I warn you what he leads to be careful. He is a tool of some really bad faith actors, including Charles and Edward koch. these are NOT your allies scotty. he is advocating against secular life, and also thinks alll lefties are vengeful ungrateful brats. JP is the master of the straw man fallacy…. if you. think your personal values are the ultimate goal, as Peterson seems to espouse, you lack empathy… he also lacks general historical context on imperialism… another thing he did was try to sue another professor who criticized him mildly…. mr free speech, what a punk. I don't think you can smoke weed and truly buy into Peterson's crap, can you?

  4. I went to find a video on making gummy‘s. I remembered guru saying the key was to dissolve the hash in MCT powder but it was not in the video. Did y’all leave out “key” info? Or am I imagining Guru referencing MCT several times? Is this a YouTube reeled and regulation thing?

  5. 👍👍👍💚💚💚 Thanks for the shout out guys! I leave a comment on every video I watch and for some strange reason I like to watch until the end because I'm afraid I might miss something and I did thank you thank you for the shout out👍💚💚💚 ps I will donate and I DO use RECHARGE! EASTCAOST HYDRO, FALL RIVER MA

  6. Hey Guys New Viewer/Listener and from AUS! Just want to thank Scotty for the recommendation to read 12 rules of life, Cant stop listening to it. Keep Growing and lets hope one day Aus takes some lead and we can get medical/rec law reform here!

  7. Those drug tests are pretty worthless for catching anybody doing anything except smoking weed. My friend used to steal from the register at Papa J's on a regular during the Halo 2 era to get weed to bring over so I guess the point still stands.

  8. 16:10. Linguistic Anthropology if fucking fascinating!! You hack a culture united by their language. You can see from their eyes….and Bullshit Guru….I'd love to argue how there is no "reasonable" way of thinking…the sickness is people being so arrogant they think they can even begin to grasp the Truth…you can get small truths from many different places..but We will never know what The Truth of reality is. Religion is manipulated and molded to fit an agenda but that doesn't mean that the spiritual foundations are any less true than anything else. You are kidding yourself if you think the scientific method is the only way to understand the world. Lol Silly Humans……but blah blah blah rant over..no ill will Im smiling as I type 💚💚💚💚 I love a good debate. School me! School me! School me!

  9. Hell yeah! Hit that THUMBS up y'all. Leave a comment even if it's only a "Hi Ya" it makes a difference in the analytics. So let's support the DGC. You can smoke that fatty and leave a comment at the same time. Come on Crew. We got this. ♥️♥️♥️

  10. Good morning DGC!! It’s a great day to be alive! Let’s get out our buds, our lighters, our spliffs and our bongs. It’s time to rock this shit! We’ve got this!

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