1. Like it or not, by making marijuana medicinal, requiring a dr, means it falls under all the same regulations as anything else medical related. Patient confidentiality, secure records, HIPAA, ect. But in all honesty here… Who really cares? How is something like this considered news? I don't see news reports on alcohol abuse, the physical and mental damage it causes, or how it effects families, or how many people it kills annually, through ones own self destruction, car accident, ect. Or how about the dangers, health risk, and side effects of smoking tobacco? Where are the news reports about completely legal substances, smoking kills about 480,000 in the US alone annually, alcohol kills about 96,000 in the US annually… I'm not even including deaths related to narcotics, or accidents in hospitals. So the annual number could be much larger. instead of bringing focus on those deaths and chronic health issues, y'all go after marijuana… Hopefully at some point these old geezers stuck in there backwards way of thinking will die, and maybe one day real reporting of the news will return. It's absurd that this is the news. Get a life WDSU…

  2. WDSU need to investigate S&WB tearing up streets all over the city and not fixing them…they tore up the street I live on over 2 months ago and only paved one side of the streets after and haven’t been back since.

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